Divi Mini Cart

Mini Cart Module

Woo Mini Cart enhances the customer’s shopping experience by increasing the accessibility of your store’s shopping cart. Assist your customers to save time by preventing them from repeatedly opening the cart pages. Customers can quickly review what they’ve added to the cart, what they want to remove. It is quick, easy, and comfortable to access.

Key Features

Take a look at the versatile settings present within the Mini Cart!

Hover Effects

Product Text Settings

Image Settings

Mini Cart Window

Mini Cart Count

Mini Cart Alignment

Button Settings

Empty cart & Subtotal


Design the Mini Cart Display

Divi Next has recently introduced a range of features, including hover, click, and flyout options in mini cart display, which enable customers to display their products in a visually stunning way. When the user hovers or clicks their mouse cursor over the icon on a mini cart of an ecommerce website, a small window will appear displaying the items that have been added to the cart and the total price.

Floating Item
Floating Item


Customize the Mini Cart View Button and Check Out Button

The Mini Cart module’s “view” button enables customers to access a detailed listing of the products in their shopping cart, including item quantities, prices, and additional relevant information. It may lead to a separate page displaying this information.

The “check out” button in the Mini Cart module begins the process of completing a purchase and paying for the items in the cart. When you click, this button may redirect the customer to a page where they can input their billing details, review the order, and confirm the purchase.


Customize the Mini Cart Window

Woo Essential allows you to easily design the window for the mini cart. The specific design will depend on the overall aesthetic and branding of your website.

Floating Item
Floating Item


Design Subtotal and Count in Mini Cart

The mini cart’s “Subtotal” feature displays the total cost of all items in a customer’s shopping cart. It is prominently displayed in the mini cart module and is calculated by summing the price of each item in the cart. It does not take into account taxes or shipping costs.

The mini cart module includes a useful feature “count” that allows users to easily track the number of items in their shopping cart, helping them keep track of their purchases.