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Customize your products with categorized filters! Multiple filters can help you attract more customers. Each product can be beautifully displayed along with its category and number of items!

Main Features

The brilliant features will leave you speechless. And you can achieve so much with variation within each feature included in the Woo Essential Plugin’s modules.

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Product Settings

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Filter Settings

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Text Settings

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Floating Item

In Woo Essential ProductFilter Get Cool Display andSimple Settings for Content

Input detailed info for each field available within Content and make buying and selling products easy for you and the viewers. 

You can highlight the products that are the best selling or are on sale, hide the out-of-stock products, include specific categories, the number of products you want to be viewed, and much more. 

In Woo Essential Product Filter Customize FilterSettings

Filter Categories are a great way to keep customers engaged in your e-shop. This way, they can figure out what they want and where they can find the products they’re looking for. 

Floating Item
  • All
  • Eye-Care
  • Furniture
  • Interior

Wooden Chair

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Floating Item

In Woo Essential ProductFilter Add & CustomizeProduct Settings & Grid

Use image filters and superb blending options for the images of the products. This will help make your products pop out more and will make your products more eye-catching for the viewers.

Easily adjust the spacing within the Grid feature. Save your busy time and use the quick functions provided here.

Individual Text StylizationFor All The Text-Related Fields