Woo Category Carousel

An elegant category carousel slider for your woo-commerce website. Use the Woo Category Carousel to highlight the categories for your products and include product counts!

Here are some of the key features:

100% responsive .

Navigation Settings

Carousel Settings

Easily Customizable

Text Settings

Image Settings

Add Shadow, Sizing & More

Get Two Minimalistic Prebuilt Layouts within Woo Category Carousel

If you are a fan of minimal designs, then you can try the two minimal prebuilt layouts within Woo Category Carousel! What you can do is adjust and configure the design tools to your requirements and achieve an incredible outlook for your website.

Floating Item
Floating Item

Easy Navigation Feature

Here you can select Navigation type, and it also includes features like Dynamic Bullet and Arrow, Pagination, Mouse Wheel, and Keyboard navigation enabling options.

Edit and Stylize The Image

From resizing to adjusting the rounded corners around the image to adding colorful borders, you can reach a great form of image stylization within the Image Settings of the Woo Category Carousel.

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