Woo Category Accordion

Woo Category Accordion enables you to create a categorized interactive gallery for the products With a pleasant animation on hover or click, you can show products with their category and count.

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Key Features

Woo Category Accordion is an excellent way of showcasing a product that makes the e-shop look elegant and proficient. Here are some key features listed below:

100% responsive

Accordion Style

Accordion Settings

Accordion Direction

Easily Customizable

Content Background

Text Settings

Image Settings

Woo Essential Category Accordion: Set Up Accordion Style & Direction

Add multiple products and make them look elegant in either hover mode or on-click mode. You can also choose the direction of the displayed products either vertically or horizontally. Let’s not underestimate these features. They’ll allow your customers to interact with the displayed products as they will seem a lot more attractive and eye-catching!

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Woo Category Accordion: Add Content Background Image Overlay Color & Display

We selected the fundamental features like Content Background, Image Overlay Color and Display features within Woo Category Accordion. The display allows you to determine what you want the viewers to see, such as Product Count, Product Description, Category Name Stacked, and more.

When hovering over the displayed products within the accordion-style design, you can have a tint of color as an overlay, lessen the transparency, and there you have a stunning design!

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Style The Text & Use The Power Of Words

Amongst notable features, we have included text stylization for every text field within the Woo Category Accordion. You can adjust the letter spacing and line height for each text and even choose a beautiful font to attract your desired customers.