Woo Product Category Grid

Create a grid to organize and categorize your products!. The Woo Category Grid will make it easy for viewers to find items easily!

Key Features

Woo Category Grid is an ideal way of showcasing products that make the e-shop look proficient and professional. Here are some key features listed below:

100% responsive

Grid Settings

Content Background

Easily Customizable

Add Shadow, Sizing & More

Text Settings

Image Settings

Floating Item

In Woo Category Grid Display & Content

There are a lot of features within content and display that make designing a breeze. With the functions to choose categories and display settings allowing you to show product count, image, and category name stacked, everything is at your fingertips.

Woo Product Category Grid Grid Settings & Background

Grid settings allow you to adjust and configure the number of grids and grid gaps between each product. And the content background will enable you to select a color for the category background.

Floating Item
Floating Item

In Woo Essential, ProductCategory Grid Has Image Settings & Category Settings

Within Woo Category Grid module, adjusting image height, adding rounded corners to include cool borders, get all the necessary design tools to achieve a stunning design. Typography plays a significant role in designing. We have included text stylizing for the category text, with the aim of enhancing your experience and helping you to maximize the benefits of Woo Category module.