Woo Product Grid

Arrange the products in a grid format! The Woo Essential Plugin’s Woo Product Grid will enhance the product arrangement for users and viewers! Create a grid gallery like no other!

The following are some of the key features:

100% responsive .

08 Layouts

Grid System


Easily Customizable

Text Settings

Image Settings

Floating Item

Woo Essential Product GridComes With 8 Stunning Layouts!

Each layout has its own unique appearance. You can choose your favorite and see how stylish it appears on the grid-formatted design.

Floating Item

Woo Essential Product Grid Add Content Background & Display

Easily change and configure content background settings this allows you to put a colorful background to the text.

Within Display, enable or disable to show fields like Add to Cart Position, Show Price, Show Category, Show Star Rating, and Show Pagination. The Display also comes with text fields for Previous and Next content. You can write relevant content based on your design. You can easily set up what you want the viewers to see from the seven fields within Display.

Add & Customize Grid

Grid Number will allow you to place the number of grids you’d like to display. The Grid Gap, will help adjust the space between the products within the grid design.

Floating Item
Floating Item

Customize The Pagination

With the Pagination feature, you are achieving great design possibilities. Add unlimited Numbered pages, Load More button, Alignment feature, Text Stylization, and more.

Configure All Design Aspects and Elements

Text stylization made easy and innovative. Trendy typography design tools are available for Product Name, Product Description, Price Text, Add To Cart, View Cart, Sale Badge, Compare, and Out Of Stock Badge.