Divi Mini Cart

Woo Mini Cart

Do you want to improve the customer experience of your eCommerce store? With Woo Essential’s Woo Mini Cart feature, you can quickly increase your conversion rate.

Main Features

Take a look at the versatile settings present within the Mini Cart!

Hover Effects

Text Settings

Image Settings

Easily Customizable


Customize Mini Cart Button

With the simplified setting from picking beautiful colors to the stylization of the texts get yourself a beautiful Mini Cart button.

Floating Item
Floating Item


Divi Mini Cart Off-CanvasFly-Out Feature

When clicking the mini cart, the cart will appear as a lightbox either on the left or right of the screen. For the mini cart button, you can add a color of your choice with a trendy Fly-Out feature either to the left or right and this would make your mini cart button design a lot more attractive and eye-catching.


Cool Hover Feature

When you hover over the mini cart, the cart will automatically appear. A more simple and elegant style of mini cart display can accentuate your e-shop.

Floating Item
Floating Item


View Mini Cart On-Click

View the Mini Cart by clicking. A minimal feature yet a great one. The design tools for Click are similar to those available for Hover and Fly-Out Left-Right.